What games would you bring on holiday with you?

I’m off for 2-day holiday in the state of Penang. I can’t afford to drag my 50 game collection along with me so I’d be bringing the R4 instead to accompany the Nintendo DS.

What would you..

So this leaves Nine Over Ten 9/10 with a meme of sorts, which is “What games would you bring on holiday with you?”

In my case, there are the perennial favourites such as Mario Kart DS, New Super Mario Bros and Geometry Wars. There are also games that are not on my shelf (yet), namely Lock’s Quest, and a bunch of really interesting Japanese imports: Zettai Karen Children and Houkago Mystery Club.

So dear reader, what games would you bring with you on your holiday? Write it down on your blog, and don’t forget to link back to Nine Over Ten 9/10 :), or feel free to use the comments section.

P/S: Lest you think I’m a nerd stuck in my hotel room playing games, you are wrong. I’m bringing along my squash and badminton racquets. Apparently the resort I’m staying at has an excellent sports facility. Cya.

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  1. jgoreham September 13, 2008

    Oh, let’s see… a good puzzle game (Tetris DS, but maybe Mario vs. Donkey Kong for GBA), Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (GBA but I’m sure the DS version is stellar too) and Let’s Yoga usually accompany me if I’m spending time away from home. Maybe throw in a good wifi game in case I get where I’m going and feel ill, or its raining too hard to do what was originally planned.

    I don’t bring Animal Crossing on holiday, though- too much like work!

  2. tokyo_nights September 25, 2008

    Hehe.. I like bringing Animal Crossing on holiday. Its quite fun during down time (when you have nothing to do)