Mario Kart DS WFC Race Report

Formula One is having the Monaco Grand Prix today, so I figured that it would be nice to take a break from proting my post and to have some racing action with strangers on Mario Kart DS’ WFC service.

Round 1 & 2

I was still pretty rusty but out of the first 2 rounds I played, I won 1 with 3 wins over a particularly tough opponent who was using that Robby character. I must admit that I feel bad sneaking up on him on the Figure-8 and Rainbow Road circuits.


The third round was with a new opponent, and I’m guessing that he had a heck of a time toying with me as he was the superior driver after all. But As most people say, karma can be a bitch, and he got disconnected in the last race with our points tied. LOL

My first encounter with a Snaker was in the 4th round of my little WFC foray. He beat us (myself and another player) real bad. It sucked, but I manage to finish 2nd.


It was full house in terms of participation for round 5 with 3 other,albeit greenhorn, players. This resulted in a whitewash for them, with me winning all four races :P. Round 6 featured the same bunch of people, with one drop-out, and 3 race wins.

The last round featured even lesser people with people dropping-out like flies. My opponent decided to disconnect on me with 2 more races to go. Anyways, this leaves me the following Nintendo WFC MATCH records: 10 wins and 2 losses.

Friend Code:

I’m not really big on the Friend Code thing, preferring to race strangers instead, but if you want to add mine (537013-901459), please do and drop me a comment so that I can add you in return.

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  1. hp service May 26, 2008

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  2. jgoreham May 26, 2008

    Maybe I’m a sore looser, but I hate snakers. I think they really suck the fun out of it all. I wish the wifi was designed so I’m more likely to be playing against somebody of the same skill level as myself. My favourite matches are the ones that are close. I don’t care if I win or loose as long as I had a chance!

  3. mario kart May 26, 2008

    […] […]

  4. tokyo_nights May 26, 2008

    @jgoreham: Ya. I don’t really like snakers as well, more so those that toy with you. But I do like the challenge of racing someone of a slightly higher caliber, and I agree with you on close matches. Competition…I like.

  5. ???????????? January 27, 2009

    my friend code is 159096-516492 email me so i get your friend code 2 at i only play on fridays saturdays and sundays or when i go to my friends house i dont have the wi fi vox so i go to my friends thats why on fri sat sun

  6. tokyo_nights January 29, 2009

    @kingkongx3: Slow down boy. You need to learn about punctuation. 🙂