Skull Legends (iOS) Game Review: Hits the Mark!

Imagine that you are IN a tower defense game and you are the person manning the last tower. I’m pretty sure that cursing the fellas manning the towers in front for not doing their job would be the order of the day every time a huge wave of baddies come straight at you. “Join the Tower Defense Corps” they said. “You’ll get a shiny bow with unlimited arrows” they said. “Don’t worry, we’ll deal with the waves and save the stragglers for you” they said.


LOL. Skull Legends is a brand new tower defense game from indie devs Playshore, that will have you, the player, as the person doing the bow-and-arrow routine on the last tower facing hordes of undead skeletons. Throughout the course of a level, you can err…kill..the undead and build automated towers to help you manage the waves. The game awards good aiming and although you have unlimited arrows to make a skeleton warrior into a pincushion, you’ll need to watch out for your stamina bar. Expanding too much stamina by wasting shots and you’ll find yourself overwhelmed.

What I really like about Skull Legends are how expressive the skeleton horde can be and these guys are presented in 3D. Foot soldiers, otherwise known as squires, will wave and taunt at you when you miss, and knights will freak out and try to pat themselves down when they are on fire. It’s undead comedy and they are coming right at you. Just so you know, while some undead units can launch projectiles at you to take out one of your three lives, having a skeleton reach AND pass you will result in an immediate game over.


Aside from the towers that you get to unlock as you level up, there are other stuff to help you out in your quest to keep the skeletons out. Potions that double up as area-of-effect bombs can be purchased using the coins earned while playing this 24-level game. The same goes for different arrow types, bracers and a typical RPG staple: bows. Just as long as you keep playing the game I’m pretty sure you do not need to touch the IAP portion in the game.


I’ve come away very impressed with Skull Legends, with its last-man-standing gameplay and 3D graphics. Skull Legends gets a deserving 4.5 out of 5. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Skull Legends HD is available on the iPad for USD 2.99 (click here) whereas the iPhone/iPod touch version of the game is available for USD 0.99 (click here). A review code for the HD version of the game was provided to for the purpose of this review.

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