Parents: Beware of Disney’s DGamer Service

Now, while DGamer is an “online game and social networking service developed by Disney” and is included in each title Disney interactive Studio publishes for the Nintendo DS, a whole bunch of games ensure that kids are part of the target audience.

Judging by the comments from I’m gotten from my DGamer video on Youtube, I’m not sure I would like to see any kid go near the service. One comment stands out from the rest:

I met someone in Dgamer and his name is JoeyTC1996 and I swear I would be lost without him..XD He deleted me once and another I talked him out of it…I was so happy when we were friends again…But now im not allowed to message him, Plus what really sucks is that IM BANNED!! I get it back in about 3 hours though…YAY! XD.

Parents, you have been warned.

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  2. David February 18, 2009

    Wow.. nice game/ i like it! hahas

  3. ASh June 29, 2009

    I love dgamer, its fun. and if you hate it go ahead but i like i so HA

  4. GabriellaGear August 27, 2009

    Disney consumer service sucks, You get cut off within minutes of logging in(its not my wifi).

    For some reason there are a lot of kids (that might not be kids?) doing some pre mature online relationship searching.
    Can I be your boyfriend/girlfriend?
    Is anybody single?
    Hey sexy(Only in private chat, the kid was 15, I did not go any further with it, don’t ask me how I know his age)

    The crappy thing is that the dictionary is very low vocabulary, the closest word to \hard\ is \difficult\, I know the number thing is for safety but they really should consider that I would like to know the age of the person I’m talking to because I want to know, am I really talking to a kid?