Wii de Asobu: Wii Is Just a Gamecube?

Sometimes I wonder whether the Wii is actually a souped-up Gamecube with extensive plastic surgery¬† and a whole bunch of new features to make it look next-gen during its debut (the controller, I must admit, is an inspired choice, one doesn’t need fancy graphics to be next-gen).

The reason why I’m saying this is that a whole bunch of Gamecube games are coming for the Wii, with a little window dressing to support the Wiimote. The “Wii de Asobu” titles have a label on their covers stating the support for the Wiimote (check out the Japanese box art below). Nintendo should have just slapped the label onto Twilight Princess when it came out for the Wii. LOL

Interested in getting any of these titles? Click here for purchase information.

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  1. Kyo February 9, 2009

    Nintendo obviously knows that there is a demand of people wanting gamecube titles once more. Something like metroid is actually good. (especially those who decided to jump in to Corruption but no idea what went on)

    But I do have to say that it’s getting to a point where it’s pretty much ridiculous when we see only so little hype for First party new release. Yay, we have Pikmin. But, Pikmin only?

  2. tokyo_nights February 10, 2009

    Yup. Pikmin only. I would prefer to see new iterations not rehashes.

  3. fred jones June 9, 2010

    The WII IS a Gamecube your correct , they are the same but one has a new controller… Pretty clever marketing by Nintendo selling the wii as a new piece of hardware when it is in fact a game cube with a fancy controller