Deathclaws = Lolcats of Fallout 3

I learned yesterday that one shouldn’t tangle with a Deathclaw, when one is just a mid-level character. It doesn’t matter how much ammo you got, just stay away from the western edge of Capital Wasteland, not until you level up into something more formidable.

And here’s what I got from my pal when I told him about it:

J: I got massacred yesterday by something called a death claw

G: lol

G: is this your first fallout game? o_o

J: yeah

G: deathclaw = pwn

G: they are the lolcats of the future

I can see the damn resemblance..

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  1. Brian January 4, 2009

    Yeah, them Deathclaws are tough. I ran into one about halfway through my first playthrough and couldn’t avoid him…

    After about ten to twelve attempts, I finally brought him down (without Dogmeat dying). It didn’t help that Dogmeat thought it was smart to rush right into melee. A good swipe or two from the Deathclaw, and Dogmeat was dead meat.

    I eventually found that they are a good candidate for big weapons – a handful of grenades are ok, but a missile or a mini nuke from the Fat Man go a long way.

    Strangely enough, they eventually become pathetically underpowered. By the time I got to Old Olney (the land of the Deathclaws), I could wipe one out with a single round of VATS from my Plasma Rifle. Kind of disappointing… =(

  2. tokyo_nights January 6, 2009

    Hey Brian, thanks for dropping by (really nice site you’ve got…I’m adding it to my blogroll). Good to know that they do get underpowered, I would hate to get whacked by the same thing by the time I’m level 20….