Fallout 3 (PS3) Crashed Post Trophy Update

Have you installed the Fallout 3 (PS3) Trophies update? Well, I did and having restarted the game from the point of escaping Vault 101 (yay..I has trophy for Escape!), I didn’t really notice anything different aside from the game seems a little sluggish. Emphasize on “a little”.

But things came to a halt when the game literally crashed/froze/became not responsive….take your pick, it’s all of ’em. I was shooting a raider in the head while raiding (pun not intended, I can’t find a better word) the Springvale School. I know VATS has this slo-mo thing going on, but I didn’t know it had game-stopping abilities.

Good thing I did a save seconds before that crap (not referring to the raider surprising me and him getting shot in the head, but to the game crashing) happened. Have you faced the same problem post-patch?

I haven’t been playing the game since (it was 2 days ago) since the demo version of Lord of the Rings: Conquest has been a fun (but ugly-looking) distraction. Will be playing FO3 later after lunch.

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