Fancy Generic Driving Games?

Remember the arcade classic none as OutRun? An ex-colleague of mine once boasted that she played so much OutRun during her youth that she can beat any of us with one hand tied to her back and with one eye closed. Well, she didn’t actually carry out her boast, but proceeded to beat us anyways with both hands on the steering wheel and eyes with open.

Ferrari Challenge (NDS) – A Review

It’s just too bad that Ferrari Challenge for the Nintendo DS isn’t really a spiritual successor for Outrun, and although it boasts technical driving skills and being an “official Ferrari game”, it feels a little lost as players can actually perform Mario Kart-like shennanigans.

Using a 100 metre gravel trap as a short cut to gain a substantial lead.. check! Overtly simple drafting..check! Checking opponents without damage modelling…check! Crashing without damage modelling…check!

It’s just too bad..again

It’s just too bad that while tutorial, even though not as comprehensive as the one you would find in a GT game, makes you think that you are onto something special as it makes you work real hard on not screwing up, the rest of the game is like…meh. Poor Enzo will be rolling in his grave knowing his name has been whored out to games like Ferrari Challenge.

I can only think of two groups of people interested in this game, pirates and Ferrari-philes. For the latter group, you can get this game at Play-Asia. Click here for more details.

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