I’m Finished! Kid Icarus on the Nintendo DS

This Kid Icarus stuff is rather tough. No wonder I have got no love towards platformers. However, the “I’m Finished!” message had me in chuckles the first time it appeared after the character plunged to his death.

I still think it’s due to a programming issue (deliberately or otherwise) that doesn’t allow the player to descend down levels, leaving only one way, up.

The game actually looks grittier than its own cover, and an interesting note for collectors, the game was released as part of Nintendo’s Famicom Mini Series, number 24 to be exact. Sold out on Play-Asia, I can only find one used copy on eBay.

R4DS owners and other flashcart owners would be happy to know that the game runs pretty well on the nesDS, with no problems so far. Now if only I can get pass that old hag..

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  1. jgoreham August 20, 2008

    I can’t tell if I’m crap at Kid Icarus because I’m just no good at it, or if it’s because my emulator on Dreamcast doesn’t run it well 😉 Either way I never get very far in it.

  2. tokyo_nights August 21, 2008

    Now that’s cool. Never thought of running it off the Dreamcast. Must..get…Dreamcast…home..from…exile…in…another….home