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This week Nine Over Ten 9/10 features GamesFreak which has some of the best web-based games on the Internet. There are thousands of titles to choose from, and each one is completely free to play. Let’s take an in-depth look at the Top 5 Games at GamesFreak.


  1. Dune Buggy – This extremely popular driving adventure puts you in control of an all-powerful dune buggy. Modified for speed and stunts, your vehicle can launch off of cliffs and fly through the sky. Put your 4×4 skills to the ultimate test, and try to trek across each track without crashing!
  2. Earn to Die – It’s time to cruise across the desert in a custom truck. Oh, and you’re supposed to kill every zombie in sight. This unique truck game challenges you to run over monsters on your way to the rescue helicopter. The mission is much more of a daunting task than it may seem, as you will run out of fuel all too easily. Choose your upgrades wisely, and you will be rewarded with zombie gore galore.
  3. 2048 – If you haven’t heard of 2048 or Threes, then you’re missing out on the latest casual puzzle game crazy. Simple controls and smooth gameplay have made 2048 one of the most addictive games ever created. All you have to do is slide the matching numbers together. What starts as an easy puzzle quickly turns into a complex, albeit fun, mathematical challenge.
  4. Uphill Rush – This is the wild driving game that spawned an entire series of hits. You can race motorcycles, skateboards, quads, and monster trucks against highly skilled opponents. Turbo boost will help you soar through the air and speed past the competition. Don’t forget to perform death-defying stunts for extra points!
  5. Freeway Fury – Experience a highway racing thrill unlike anything else. Your brave character can leap from one vehicle to another and take control of any car on the road. You must time each jump carefully to avoid landing on the pavement and being squashed. Take road rage to a whole new level!

All of these games can be played here.

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