Now You Can Buy iOS Apps….Using Bitcoins

I was talking to a friend the other day regarding Bitcoins, ruing the fact that it’s too late for us to start mining for that electronic currency without some really serious hardware. The current going rate is about USD 840 per bitcoin, based on what I see over at Bitcoin Charts. It was also a matter of time before someone came up with an App Store of sorts where folks can pay for apps….using Bitcoins!

Called AppforCoins and currently in Beta, users can choose their app, provide their e-mail address, pay with Bitcoins (or Quark) and then receive a redeem code for that app in their mailbox. The code can then be redeemed on iTunes App Store for the app. Its appeal can be quite wide, especially for those who do not use credit cards and this omits the need of getting a physical iTunes gift card (although technically you still can buy these online). With Bitcoins, payment is instant, and the redeem code arrives in less than 10 minutes.

While there are 51 apps featured on the main page of AppforCoins, users can go about searching for apps using the handy search button. Games like X-Com are going for 0.0243B⃦ (not surprising since it’s USD 19.99 on the App Store) while Joe Danger Infinity and Cut the Rope 2 are going for 0.0018B⃦, both of which are selling for USD 0.99 on the iOS App Store. I don’t really have any Bitcoins to test out the site, but if you have some, why don’t you give it a try.

You can check it out over here:

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