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As a parent, I can understand that looking for healthcare and dealing with costs can be a painful one, but it’s good to know that the folks at Singapore-based Ring.MD are trying to change this, by making it easier for individuals to connect to doctors through a mobile platform running on iOS and Android. This service will initially provide access to over 100 doctors, a majority of them in Singapore. My daughter and I have been guests in Singapore many times last year (particularly the SNEC, NUH and Gleneagles Hospital), mainly to treat her congenital eye conditions, and one thing I can attest is that the medical care over there is top notch. This is also the main reason why I choose to run this story on a website that primarily does mobile game reviews. Check out the press release below for more details:


Startup Ring.MD announces its launch and that is has raised funding from Singapore’s National Research Foundation, aiming to change the way we approach healthcare. Ring.MD is a solution to the challenges that individuals around the world face with the rising cost of healthcare and limited access to medical practitioners. With the cost of healthcare forecasted to double according to Louis Radnofsky of the Wall Street Journal, the journey to healthcare access is more difficult than ever. Ring.MD wants to change the way we approach healthcare by allowing individuals to connect to doctors easily, and to receive the care they deserve.

Ring.MD’s platform connects individuals to doctors. No matter the location, on Ring.MD allows people to call and speak to a doctor who can provide answers to their health issues. There is no hassle. Ring.MD will soon be unveiling its mobile platform for patients and doctors, which will bring secure messaging and video call functionality to iOS and Android. Ring.MD has assembled an invitation only group of doctors who are selected based on a proprietary formula that weighs credentials, specialties and peer reviews. There are currently over 100 doctors on its platform, the majority based in Singapore.

The company is also working on partnerships with major insurance companies.  These partnerships would allow an estimated 60-70% of patients to use their insurance with RingMD. Says Founder and CEO Justin Fulcher, “Every year over 13 million children under the age of 5 die from illnesses that could have been avoided or treated. We created Ring.MD because we believe that every family around the world deserves access to healthcare.”

With Ring.MD, patients can search for a medical expert, schedule a call for a time that works best, speak to a doctor through secure audio or video chat, and then pay by the minute. With this platform, patients only pay for what they need.  Ring.MD is initially targeting the large developing markets of Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, with plans to expand into Western markets. Founder and CEO Justin Fulcher conceived the Ring.MD concept in 2012 when he moved to Singapore and experienced its world-class healthcare system. In 2000, Singapore was ranked 6th in the World Health Organization’s ranking of the world’s health systems. Fulcher understood that despite the abundance of quality care in Singapore, surrounding regions suffered from lack of access, which he has set out to change.

Says Mr. Fulcher, “When we look at healthcare it’s startling to realize that even with recent improvements, the right to healthcare is not a reality for millions around the world, particularly in developing countries. Ring.MD was founded to leverage technology to solve the greatest challenge of our generation.” Ring.MD has raised $500,000 from Singapore’s National Research Foundation, which is a division of the Prime Minister’s Office of Singapore. In addition to the funding, the government is providing support for Ring.MD to expand regionally and connect with medical practitioners.

Serial entrepreneur Justin Fulcher has long been a part of entrepreneurial activities. He began programming when he was seven years old and started his first business when he was thirteen.  From Silicon Valley to Singapore, Justin has a passion for solving the world’s biggest problems.  Fulcher is optimistic on the future of Singapore tech community and is committed to seeing it grow.

Says Mr. Fulcher, “When Ring.MD was first being started, we looked into headquartering the company in the US, however we found that it was not possible with the existing regulations and bureaucracy. On the contrary, the government of Singapore is actively supporting entrepreneurs who are addressing real-world problems that impact millions of lives. Many in Silicon Valley can be stuck in a bubble, looking to create the next mobile app. However, being headquartered in South East Asia, one is able to see the problems that afflict so many in 3rd world countries. With Ring.MD, we have the opportunity to save lives, and it’s an opportunity we would not have in Silicon Valley.”

Ring.MD is headquartered in Singapore and was founded in 2012 by Justin Fulcher. The company has 8 employees and has raised $500,000 from Singapore’s National Research Foundation.
The mission of Ring.MD is to provide easy access to healthcare for everyone. Learn more about Ring.MD at: https://www.ring.md.

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