Unravel (iOS) Game Review: Simple & Utterly Brilliant

I decided to fire-up one of the new games on my iPad knowing that I was way behind on my reviews, but no matter, let’s just take one step at a time. Now, if a game was bad, it would have made my job pretty easy, meaning I can just turn it off and go over to the next game (you can imagine what this does to my review queue?). But what happens when a game turns out to be darn good? Well, I’ll end up playing for days and the rest of you folks waiting for your games to be reviewed will just need to suck it up (yup, that’s pretty much how an indie reviewer like me would work).


In the case of the most recent lull, my dear PR friends, you can blame indie developer Alexander Zavalnijs and his brand new game Unravel for iOS devices. It’s so darn good to the point of being addictive. The concept of the game is really simple, like playing with a bunch of rubber bands. What you, the player, will need to do is to unravel the mess of lines on screen in order that the lines do not intersect each other. It’s easier said then done but here’s a tip, it’s a combination of pulling lines in AND out of the way.

Downplaying the level of complexity each puzzle seems to have would be the game’s minimalist graphics style and it serves to highlight the game’s simple gameplay. This in turn will attract both hardcore and casual players alike. Often than not, some of the more complex looking puzzles would require just one move from the player to be unraveled. The music by Peter Geisheker makes great accompaniment to the game.

The full version of Unravel, which costs 99 cents on the iOS App Store has a whopping 212 levels. That’s pretty insane if you ask me and if you have multiple devices like me (iPad 4, iPhone 5S, iPhone 3GS and counting), you can actually play on one device, and continue on the other, thank to the inclusion of iCloud-based synchronization. While I love the gameplay, it wouldn’t hurt if a timer is included in future updates to the game.

Nineoverten.com rates Unravel at a 4.5 out of 5, it has been a totally enjoyable experience. Having said that, now I can get back to reviewing the rest of the games in my waiting list. Check out the game over here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/unravel/id739470217. If you are being a skinflint, I suppose you can check out the FREE version of the game first: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/unravel-lite/id763823597?mt=8

A review code was provided for the purpose of this review. Visit Unravel’s website over here: https://unravel.zavalny.com

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