PUMA Challenges Adidas MiCoach and Nike+ Running With PUMATRAC iOS App

I’m not sure whether do you know the shared history between the sporting brands Adidas and Puma, but it certainly makes for an interesting read. When it came down to apps though, I was expecting PUMA to have a knee-jerk reaction to both the Adidas MiCoach and Nike+ Running personal fitness/running apps when they were released years ago on the iOS App Store. What I didn’t expect though was the slow-boil reaction instead of the knee-jerk, but at least they’ve got a rather interesting personal fitness app on the App Store called the PUMATRAC. Check it out:

PUMA has launched PUMATRAC, a unique running application for the iPhone. Incorporating a user-friendly design with pre-loaded Tictrac technology, PUMATRAC analyses how external conditions affect your running performance. By providing these unique insights into running behaviour, the app is designed to motivate athletes to get out the door and discover ways to get the most out of a workout while having fun along the way.

PUMATRAC requires little to no input of data in order to receive these insights, a differentiation factor from other apps in the market. Instead, PUMATRAC predominantly uses data available based on specific environmental factors such as: moon phase, weather, location, altitude, music playlist, time of the day, day of week, season and social media activity.

It’s never ideal to run in poor weather conditions, but what if you knew you run faster when you do? If you run faster in the rain, or for a longer time while listening to Hip-Hop music, PUMATRAC will let you know so you can take advantage of the conditions that work best for you. “Lay off the snooze button, your average speed is faster in the mornings” is just one example of an insight notification a runner may receive. When your run is complete PUMATRAC will show you your score, compiled of your distance, personal insights and weather/time condition bonuses. These insights can be shared with friends and other runners in the region.

Aside from sharing scores, PUMATRAC allows users to share running routes to keep their routines new and fresh. When travelling, the GPS locator within the app shares with you some of the best running routes in your current location. Runners will also gain insights on their personal running style and can share with friends through social media in real time. PUMATRAC is always thinking about your next step, challenging you to use the insights as incentive to improve your running routines.

PUMATRAC also includes the more traditional functions that runners depend on within their running apps: distance, GPS, calories burned, integration with their playlist and tracking performance over time. “PUMATRAC seamlessly integrates data to deliver personalised, actionable insights, says Karin Baust, Business Unit Manager-Running, Training, Fitness. “We work hard to inspire runners and PUMATRAC is very much a part of that strategy; it’s clean, user- friendly and the first of its kind to provide such usable information and all in a unique PUMA way.”

E-store integration also enables PUMATRAC users to see some of the latest running products PUMA has to offer, allowing users to click and locate a store near them. With fresh gear, new running routes and inspiration at the palm of your hand, what’s stopping you? Get out there and run.  PUMATRAC is available to download from the iTunes app store for free: https://itunes.apple.com/app/pumatrac/id698298978

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