Into Film, Music and Games? Head on to the Captivate Conference in Austin This October

If you are in the vicinity of Austin, Texas this October 6th to 8th, check out its newest digital entertainment conference, Captivate. The conference, which fills in the void left by GDC Online after the latter moved to its new home in Los Angeles, aims to bring together indie game developers, filmmakers and musicians to come up with something new. The event hosts more than 100 sessions and speakers covering everything from micro-transactions and crowdfunding to augmented reality and 3D printing.


The keynote speakers include Warren Spector (yup, THE Warren Spector, older gamers like myself would know his work from his time at Ion Storm), Gary Hoover (Bigwig Games) and William Hurley (Chaotic Moon). For a limited time, the organizers are offering discounts for both U.S ( and non-U.S attendees (

Check out the following press release for more details, and be sure to visit their website for the latest updates:

The City of Austin will be in the spotlight again as its newest digital entertainment conference, Captivate, premieres Sunday, October 6. With the move of GDC Online to its new home in Los Angeles as GDC Next, the time is ripe for a conference that not only hosts game community legends – but also convenes creative minds from the worlds of music, film, games and mobile.

Captivate is about the future of the digital entertainment industry—where trending topics including voiceover contracts, micro-transactions, crowdfunding, augmented reality, and 3D printing converge. It’s also about where digital entertainment is today—including best practices in product launches, community building, user discovery, monetization techniques, production, and more.

Held at the Palmer Events Center Sunday, October 6 through Tuesday, October 8, Captivate will feature more than 100 sessions and speakers focusing on all areas of digital entertainment – including film, games, music, and mobile. Keynote speakers Warren Spector (Disney Interactive, Junction Point, Ion Storm), Gary Hoover (Bigwig Games, Bookstop, Hoover’s), and William Hurley [“whurley”] (Chaotic Moon) will discuss topics such as leadership in the arts, keys to building a lasting business, and how innovation can create opportunity—adding to an already spectacular lineup of speakers and panelists.

“We decided to launch Captivate because we realized that there was a void we needed to fill,” said Executive Director Jennifer Bullard. “Unlike many conferences that bring independent creative professionals together, Captivate focuses specifically on the skills needed in order to thrive at the cutting edge. With hands-on workshops, interactive sessions, and practical advice, Captivate delivers proven knowledge and best practices you can use today to create the future you want tomorrow.”

“‘Convergence’ is our mantra,” said Conference Director Suzanne Freyjadis. “We’re bringing film, mobile, music, and game industries together with a very clear purpose. If you want to make a difference in your career, this is the conference for you. If you’re a filmmaker, for example, you’ll be encouraged to blur the line between film, music, and games by participating in a game design session, learning how to create the perfect soundscape, or trying your hand at non-linear storytelling. Why limit yourself to a single industry when they’re all connected—and quickly becoming one and the same?”


  • Events for all badge holders (job fair, tech music night, game jam, portfolio review, crowdfunding “fast pitch,” and a “warlords meet minions” networking event)
  • VIP events for nobility badge holders (patio party, exhibitor pre-show) round out the festivities
  • Special events for sensei, mystic, and nobility badge holders (targeted networking events, start-up meeting, academia meetup, creative alliances meetup, and “jump start your start-up” meetup)
  • Eight tracks covering the entire spectrum of digital entertainment (art & animation, start-up & business, design & narrative, content creation, future of digital entertainment, leadership, and student)
  • Four additional topical areas covering audio, education, film, and interactive sessions
  • 120 sessions conducted by 150 speakers incorporating practical advice, interactivity, and hands-on workshop
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