Gamescom 2013: The Games That Mattered to Me


Unlike the iOS titles that were announced in Gamescom (Angry Birds Star Wars, Godfire being just several of them), there were only a few mainstream PC titles that caught my attention, and those weren’t even full-fledged games, just expansions to a couple of AAA titles, namely Diablo III and X-Com: Enemy Unknown.

The new expansion to Diablo III, titled Reaper of Souls features a new brand new act (Act V) set in Westmarch and the Pandemonium Fortress, a new character class (the Crusader), a revamped loot system and several things that to address the issue of the lack of an endgame in the original title, namely Nephalem trials and Loot Runs. These are enough to actually pique my interest and re-install Diablo III on my Mac. Hopefully they will get rid of the always-on Internet connection requirement for the PC version of the game this time around.

I had high hopes for the expansion to X-Com: Enemy Unknown. My friend and I were initially speculating that the expansion would have something to do with the original X-Com: Terror from the Deep but sadly this wasn’t the case. The new expansion, titled X-Com: Enemy Within introduces a whole bunch of new maps, several new enemies (including an all-meched-out Sectoid), and the ability to alter your troops genetically or make them into the X-Com version of RoboCop/ED-209.

That last bit is actually pretty freaky, considering it involves melding alien tech with human bodies.. that’s probably where the title for the expansion is derived from. Nevertheless, X-Com: Enemy Unknown is one of the best modern PC games I’ve ever played, so yeah, I’ll be getting Enemy Within when it comes out in November.

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