Space Marines! Attack! New Space Hulk (iOS, PC, Mac) Screen Shots Revealed!

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For the Emperor! I got to admit, my first real exposure to the epic Warhammer 40K universe wasn’t through the miniatures but through the RTS game for the PC, Dawn of War. Since then, almost any Warhammer 40K game would pique my interest, and Danish developer Full Control’s upcoming title based on the Warhammer 40K universe, Space Hulk, is no different.


The game is set to be released in Fall 2013 for iOS, PC and Mac and is based on the board game of the same title. Full Control has just released some new screenshots today from their alpha build of the game, so be sure to check them out in this very post. According to the developer, Space Hulk is a 3D digital turn based strategy game that recreates the classic claustrophobic board game experience for single player and multiplayer cross-platform play between PC, Mac and iOS.

Set in the isolated corridors and tomb-like chambers of an ancient vessel lost in the graveyard of space, players lead a small army of fearless Space Marine Terminators to battle in a ferocious fight for survival against hordes of predatory alien Genestealers. Based on the “Sin of Damnation” campaign from the 3rd edition board game, Space Hulk includes a robust 12-mission single-player and co-operative campaign.


Recreating the tense battles of the board game, multiplayer mode will allow players to go head-to-head as one player controls the Space Marines and their opponent, the Genestealers, in the ultimate fight for domination. Cross platform functionality in multiplayer mode allows players to compete against friends whether they play on PC, Mac or mobile. The Space Hulk level editor will enable players to design their own levels, share them with others online and in a central hub explore creations of the community.

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