Zing Games Promotes Mr. Runner 2 (iOS) By Buying Games for Players!

Talk about thinking outside the box. Zing Games is having an interesting promo in which they’ll select 1,000 gamers who purchase their newly updated iOS title, Mr. Runner 2: The Masks and they’ll get a $0.99 app of their choice for FREE. To be eligible, participants must Mr. Runner 2 between midnight PST June 15, 2013 and midnight PST June 16, 2013.  After launching the game, contestants simply input their email in the contest popup screen. It’s that simple.


“Launching Mr. Runner 2 was a major milestone for us as a small indie studio and the fan and critical reception meant a lot to us,” Ding Ye, Founder and Creative Director, Zing Games, explains. “We are now moving to tackle the biggest challenge every indie has to face – user acquisition.  We have to do it in a smart, innovative, and cost effective way (we are an indie studio without a deep pocket), which means we have to think of methods that have not been tried before.”


The main character in Mr. Runner 2: The Masks awakens to find his face locked away behind a steel mask.  Unable to remember who he is, the character must pursue an enigmatic figure through a weird and wonderful dream world populated by figments of his subconscious. In Mr. Runner 2: The Masks players must constantly keep moving forward.  Obstacles can only be avoided by slowing down or speeding.  This minimalist design makes the game easy to learn but players abilities will be pushed to the limit as hazards come fast and furious in later levels.


Check out the game on the iOS App Store and remember to hold purchases until between midnight PST June 15, 2013 and midnight PST June 16, 2013: https://itunes.apple.com/app/mr.-runner-2-the-masks/id577923748. Additional details can be found here: https://www.zinggames.net/mrrunner2/BOGOFREE.html

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