Wolverine Jumps On Board The Deadpool Game Bandwagon (Xbox 360, PS3 & PC)

Most often a person is judged by the company he or she keeps, and in terms of Deadpool and his new game, I would say he is pretty awesome. You know why? He has the likes of Wolverine (yup, everyone’s favourite Canuck goes Snickt! in Deadpool’s game), Deathlok (futuristic killer cyborg from where else, the future), Psylocke (oh hell yeah), Domino (double hell yeah) and Rogue (triple hell yeah) to keep him company.

Check out Wolverine’s profile along with the official covers for the game which will be coming for the Xbox 360, Sony PS3 and the PC this June 25th, and is rated M (Mature) by the ESRB. Check out what Deadpool has to say about Wolverine being in his game:

Dear Wolverine: I guess, when put aside the grand history of human conflict and suffering, the lame tank tops you insist on wearing sometimes aren’t THAT bad, bub.

Looking forward to working with you,

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