Comparing Online Gaming Between Tablets and Mobile Phones

Sales of smartphones and tablet are outstripping those of PCs and laptops. Although there has been a huge increase in tablet users over the last year, smartphone users are now spending more time online and consuming more online data than tablet users. Interestingly around 41% of tablet users and 39% of smartphone users are duel screen users, meaning that they use their tablets and smartphones while watching TV. Both smartphone and tablet users spend a great deal of their time playing online games on these devices and overall tablets are favoured over phones for doing so.

Comparing the technologies of the current generations of mobile phones and tablets, from the point of view of processing power there is very little difference between the two. The latest generation of phones now have eight core processors, but it won’t be long before we see similar processing power in tablets. That is a huge amount of processing power, but no doubt games developers soon will find ways of making use of it.

The obvious advantage of tablets is their larger display size, but the display sizes of some of the latest Android smartphones are nearly as large as the smaller tablets. Also, while tablets have larger displays, top end smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy 4 have superior resolution, so what is lost on the roundabouts is gained on the swings. While mobile phones win in terms of convenience, tablets still hold the edge in terms of display size.

Ultimately, when choosing between a smartphone and a tablet, it comes down to user preference. If you like online casino games such as roulette and blackjack at sites while on the go then you are likely to prefer using a mobile phone, but if you prefer playing more graphically complex games then a tablet is likely to be your choice.


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