How to Beat Up A Guy In A Frigging Battle Suit

OK, this is too weird: Watching the Joker laying the beatdown on Lex Luthor. Well, anything can happen in video games and this is the result of the Joker vs Lex Luthor match up in the Injustice Battle Arena Fight Video available right here:

From the video you get to watch the Joker use a shiv, a crowbar, a pistol, a pie, gasoline and a bazooka among other things, to defeat Lex Luthor who has electric mines, a satellite that goes thermonuclear on the Joker and the frigging battle suit that I mentioned earlier. All these Super Hero beat-em-ups tend to yield less than satisfying results, so it remains to be seen whether Injustice: Gods Among Us would bring anything different to the table.

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