Super Dragon (iOS) Game Review

Imagine a game of Angry Birds whereby the pigs actually fight back by flinging stuff at you once you are done flinging birds at them. That’s how this new iOS game, Super Dragon feels like. While sharing a lot in common with that famous game from Rovio, Super Dragon’s gameplay takes place vertically.


So instead of flinging stuff horizontally, players will need to launch fireballs out of Snappy the Dragon’s mouth upwards, blowing up overhanging furniture in order for him to get to his teeth. Now you can imagine that falling, burning furniture can be a hazard and its actually is. You’ll to choose between using the limited number of fireballs available or to outfit Snappy with a NFL helmet.

The craziness in Super Dragon is confounded with the existence of rain, thunder and even tornado clouds. While rain and lightning are obvious hazards (best get rid of them quick should you encounter them in a level), but those tornado clouds can help your fireballs reach greater heights, so be sure to time your fireballs when the tornado clouds

So if you are looking for an Angry Birds type of game that actually fights back, Super Dragon is right up your alley. rates Super Dragon at a 4 out of 5. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. The game is available on the iTunes App Store for just 99 cents, so be sure to check it out over here:

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