Bye-bye Homeland, For Now. Bring On Season 3!

I caught the final episode of Homeland Season 2 earlier today, and boy do things end explosively, and it provides a new status quo for Nick Brody come Season 3: hunted fugitive. How did we get here? First up, Quinn doesn’t follow through with Estes’ orders to assassinate Brody, with the reason that Brody has held up his end of the deal, allowing them to capture the terrorist Abdul Nazir. This has strong repercussions later in the hour+ episode.


Things goes totally ape shit crazy during the Vice President’s memorial at Langley, with Brody’s SUV turning into a car bomb, killing over 200 CIA agents, visitors, families and friends, including Estes. Since Carrie and Brody were playing hookie away from the memorial service, they weren’t caught in the main body of the blast, leading her to take Brody to the US/Canadian border to get out of the country.

As a bonus, Brody’s old terrorist pals back in the Middle East decide to put on air the video he made before his attempted murder-by-suicide-vest attempt back in Season One. Yup, Brody has evolved from all-American Hero to closet terrorist to the bonafide Public Enemy Number One in the United States.


In the aftermath of the blast, Saul takes control of the CIA since he’s the only ranking official around (he was attending to Abdul Nazir’s funeral at sea when the blast occured), and with so many casualties, I’m willing to bet that he’ll spend the entire Season 3 hunting down Brody, with Carrie an unwitting pawn. I don’t think she’ll make good of her promise to help clear his name. Excited over Season 3? I know I am!

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