Majesty: The Northern Expansion Launched For iOS Devices

HeroCraft are delighted to announce the launch of Majesty: The Northern Expansion, the add-on for the critically acclaimed Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim, licensed by Paradox Interactive and designed in the style of the famous original PC game.

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“So you’ve slain all the orcs and undead from your lands? Counting your Kingdom’s riches getting you down?  Hankering for a new adventure and some new enemies to destroy?  Then you need to conquer the hostile Northern Lands!”

“Try to do that when your Kingdom is suffering from a severe ink shortage, law-abiding taxpayers are turned into vampires and goblins from the neighboring state are eating up every living thing in their path. Do you have the tactical knowledge to command your army of heroes, wizards, freaks and misfits and conquer this frosty frontier? “

Majesty: The Northern Expansion is available at a discounted price of USD 0.99 on the iTunes App Store, be sure to check it out over here:

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