Terrorhedron (PC) Game Review: 3D Tower Defense Like No Other

Imagine if you can play a 3D Tower Defense game that involved putting up building blocks like LEGO. Sounds like awesome fun doesn’t it? I got to experience that kind of fun playing Micro Macro Games’ Steam Greenlight title Terrorhedron for the past few days. The game is a TD game not unlike the ones that I’ve played before, as building blocks aside, the game takes place in a 3D space, taking advantage of all 3-axis. As such, it’s not uncommon to have a level that is reminiscent of the famous M.C Escher’s lithograph of the Penrose Stairs.


Like any other TD game though, the bread and butter of Terrorhedron would be turrets and there are the typical one fulfilling the roles of rapid fire, splash damage, slow, etc etc, with a total of 7 turrets, each of them upgradeable and get this, programmable in behaviour. Players get to choose from several presets on how each turret should take on incoming Terrorhedron spheres and this adds on another layer of strategy to an already complex game.

Turrets can only be placed at certain points on each level. Some of these point may seem out of the way, but this highlights another part of Terrorhedron that makes it so interesting. If turrets and placement points were the bread and butter of the game, the expansion platforms that allow you to build outlandish constructs out of a single points take the role of strawberry jam in the game. One type of platform allows for turrets to be placed on it in a pyramid formation, while the second type allows turrets to be placed in a cuboid formation.

Platforms can be stacked onto each other, making hard to reach places accessible. The only problem is, you’ll need to juggle between upgrading your existing turrets to deal with the Terrorhedron threat or putting up new platforms; you can easily find yourself out of cash. LOL. The 3D graphics display a retro-inspired aesthetic and it’s a welcome break from the typical warfare-themed TD games you get these days. I can’t help but feel really impressed at Terrorhedron, it’s a pretty exquisite TD title and as such, game gets a 4.5 out of 5. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

For those who are interested, Terrorhedron just hit 25% on Steam Greenlight after 6 days, and is available as part of the Indiefort Bundle for just USD 4 (which gets you another 3 titles). Be sure to check out the Greenlight page and lend your support: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=111599099 or if you can’t wait to own the game, grab the bundle: https://www.gamersgate.co.uk/indiefort-bundle

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