Man The TSA Groping Point in Checkpoint Madness HD (iOS)

Just the other day I read a article stating that some TSA agents (the ones that you see at airports) love to steal iPads. One even peddled USD 50,000 worth of stolen gear on Craiglist, while another was caught with 7 iPads in his possession. That’s pretty crazy and this is one reason why I do not let electronics such as my laptop or my iPad out of my sight (or in my checked-in luggage) when I’m in the airport.

SGM Games’ newly updated iOS title, Checkpoint Madness HD, however is a fast-paced game that lets players play the role of TSA agents manning the Security Checkpoint at the airport, otherwise known as the TSA Groping Point, which makes me wonder what do TSA agents think about the game in the first place. Anyways, players get to guide passengers through the “Groping Line”, “Naked Scanner” and the “Metal Detector.

The players will be kept busy keeping an eye out on the baggage monitors, keeping passengers out of the way of other passengers, searching for potential terrorist and apprehending terrorists. The game lives up to the word Madness in its title as there are plenty of distractions, in the form of final boarding calls, lost children notices and announcements from the staff of Low Cost Airlines on  the arrivals and departures of their consistently delayed flights, and adding to the havoc, your TSA agents may just up and leave for….LUNCH!

Checkpoint Madness HD is available on the iTunes App Store for USD 0.99, check it out over here: I’m curious to know what real-life TSA agents think of the game (it’s all tongue-in-cheek good fun), but at least it doesn’t portray them as iPad-flinching fiends.

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