App Spotlight: Calculate Your Fuel Cost With Fuel Monitor (iOS)

My wife’s Honda comes with a few nifty things on the dashboard. The car displays the average fuel consumption and has an Eco indicator that lights up whenever the vehicle thinks that the driver is driving “economically”. Such knick-knacks can seem rather trivial given the low resolution of the display, which reminded me of an alarm clock.

I guess that this, among other reason, that the folks at AG Applications came up with a really slick iOS app to monitor your fuel consumption, titled, Fuel Monitor. The app uses GPS to calculate speed, the amount of petrol used, average consumption, distance, duration and price. The app bases its calculations on consumption data provided by manufacturers (some 60,000 vehicles in the app’s database), driving style, traffic jams, accelerations, braking and more.

The app has something along the lines of the Honda’s Eco indicator as well, indicating whether you are driving efficiently. Fuel Monitor comes with additional functions to estimate the cost of your trip in advance, along with tools for parking and finding your way back to your vehicle. This Swiss Army Knife of an app is available on the iTunes App Store for USD 1.99, so check it out over here:

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  1. Ran C November 29, 2012

    Looks and work great , I’ve been driving with it few days and amazingly accurate, nice one!

  2. tokyo_nights November 29, 2012

    Glad you like it!