Become the Man of Steal in Robbery Bob (iOS & Android) – Game Review

My 7-year old nephew was showing off a favourite game of his on Sunday when I was back at my grandmother’s place last Sunday. It was Chillingo’s Robbery Bob, a fun little game which involved breaking and entering into houses, offices, and stealing stuff while trying not to get caught. Kinda like Assassins Creed or Splinter Cell, but with colourful and nicely animated 3D top-down graphics and a kid-friendly no-kill policy.

But then again, the game does teach you one thing, if you get caught while you are stealing, you’ll get beaten up by grandmothers who come armed with an aweful cackle and a rolling pin. It was really interesting to watch a 7-year old play through the game and displaying strategic thinking on the fly, but we are talking about seasoned pro here.

One of the tactics involved while sneaking into people’s homes would be to leave room doors open so that the occupants get distracted while you hide and move along the walls and grab stuff. Once you’ve obtain a certain object or got your fill of items, you’ll need to make it to the exit, which can be the same way you entered or a different door entirely.

The fact that he was showing me on this on his new toy, a Samsung Galaxy Note II, made the gameplay look crystal clear and surprisingly easy to pull off. But I’m a n00b in this and considering that it was my first time playing the game, I’ll need to count with more than one hand on the number of times I got caught during that play-through.

Anyways, Robbery Bob is also available on the iTunes App Store for free, so go ahead and grab the game since it’s a steal (I can’t stop myself on that…I’m sorry). Nine Over Ten 9/10 rates the game at a 4.5 out of 5, check it out over here:

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