Appy Entertainment Launches New iOS Title, Animal Legends, For FREE!

Appy Entertainment’s iOS games have always been really fun affairs for us over at, regardless whether it was for casual play or review purposes. With such pedigree as Trucks & Skulls NITRO & FaceFighter Ultimate, the company has just released their highly anticipated first title of 2012, Animal Legends.

The game is a free-to-play fantasy RPG where it merges superior story, gameplay and graphics for an epic that sets players on a quest for loot and glory with their friends to defeat the Vampire Frog Skulk. Players create their hero from one of three animal types, each of which have their own strengths and weaknesses.

As the game is meant to capture the feeling of traditional table-top RPG games and play it in short bursts, it comes with generous amounts built-in content—such as 50 quests from the start, epic treasures, and magical artifacts that unlock powerful battle tactics. Tactical combat—with weapon attacks, skills, spells, and combos between different character types that are key in RPGs—is a core feature of Animal Legends.

The game ships with a huge variety of foes—including the aptly-named Undead Cows, sneaky Fox Goblins, and fearsome Ogre Bunnies. And because friendship is the greatest treasure of all, players get to invite friends’ characters to join on dangerous quests—with greater riches and fame for everyone. In a new twist on social gameplay, Appy introduces a brand new feature in Animal Legends: “borrowing” a friend’s characters, which accelerates leveling, loot, and in-game currency in a massive way.

“We see Animal Legends as a big step toward the next generation of social/mobile games,” says Chris Ulm, CEO, Appy Entertainment. “I think Appy has created a new kind of RPG with this game – bundling detailed graphics, easy-to-grasp-but-tough-to-master gameplay, and endless customization options in a cooperative adventure that is incredibly fun. We always wanted to create a huge world for players to have fun in – both together and solo – and I think we have succeeded with Animal Legends.”

Animal Legends is available for free on the iTunes  App Store, check it out over here:

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