Nun Attack (iOS) Game Review: Squad Based Shooter With Nun Commandos!

I remember the hooha about the Hitman Absolution trailer which featured Agent 47 going up against a bunch of nuns…with guns, do you? I suppose Frima Studio’s latest iOS title Nun Attack was probably inspired by that trailer somewhat, as you take control of a bunch of nuns out to deal death and deliverance, not to a rogue assassin, but through hordes of ghouls, goblins and undead unleashed by their mortal enemy, the Fallen Nun.

The team of commando nuns consist of Eva, Rosy, Mandy and Olga, each of which can be best described as representing the typical soldier classes you see in a shooter. There’s the heavy arms specialist, another is a sniper, while one of them is a medic…and all of them are unlocked once you play through the first few missions.

Nun Attack suffers a little from kitchen sink syndrome as Frima made getting into each mission a little bit of busywork. There’s the overworld (kinda like the one in Super Mario Bros 3), tapping on one node on the overworld will lead you to a short level  where you need to guide your squad of nuns to the portal and survive a bombardment at the same time. Once at the portal, the mission starts!

The controls take some getting used as things can get pretty frantic when you start issuing commands for four different nuns. Killing enemies in this squad-based shooter allows players to earn gold, which can be used to purchase weapons in between missions, and there are a whooping 80 guns to choose from. Each of the nuns have her own special power, dubbed Miracle, which can be triggered in-mission.

The 40-mission in the game should keep players busy for some time, and at the selling price of USD 0.99, the game offers good value for money. Nine Over Ten 9/10 rates Nun Attack at a 4 out of 5, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Check out the game over here:

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