Wood Puzzler (iOS) Game Review: This One is Great With Kids

This review is one for them little ones. I’ve got a baby girl on the way and I’ve been looking around at child-friendly apps on both the iPhone and the iPad. So out of the vast review library that I have I pulled out Little Five Games’ universal iOS title, Wood Puzzler. The basis for the game are the wooden blocks that we used to play with back when we were kids. The wooden blocks take the form of letters or are parts of a puzzle, which when formed would resemble a real-life object.

This game is created for preschoolers with three different types of gameplay. The Alphabet Puzzle mode lets children arrange wooden alphabet blocks into their respective slots, by doing so an object associated with that particular letter will be shown on screen. Once completed, the letters are pronounced one by one in the now familiar A-B-C singalong.

The second mode, Picture Puzzle, has children arranging blocks to form up a picture of an item. This tests the child’s cognitive skills and the ability to recognize objects. The third mode is a magnetic (well, a virtual one) spelling board where kids can drag letters and pictures to form words and phrases.

Wood Puzzler features colourful and detailed graphics that evoke that feel when it comes to actual wooden blocks. As it is, this game has no problem attracting the attention of children and the fun learning-based interactive gameplay will make them stay. The developers have made the game free, with just a singular in-app purchase. The app isn’t supported by any in-app advertisements, and that’s a pretty bold move by the developer that I’m sure a lot of parents would appreciate.

Nineoverten.com rates Wood Puzzler at a 4.5 out of 5. The game is available on the iTunes App Store for free, check it out over here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/wood-puzzler/id523032960?mt=8

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