Join Romney, Obama, George W. and Hilary in Pac-Man Style Party Fundraiser (iPhone)

Did you manage to catch the 2nd Presidential Debate? President Obama came out swinging and Republican challenger Mitt Romney did a boo-boo which probably cost him some on the issue of Libya. It was overall a testy debate in which both analysts and snap polls seem to suggest that the President took this round with a strong show of force.

Having said that, presidential elections in the U.S can be rather divisive affairs, so the folks at OysterLabs have released a brand new game in conjunction with the US presidential elections which are coming in three weeks time, just so folks can have a little fun. Party Fundraiser is a social game in the vein of Pac-Man, updated to work on both “swipe” and “tilt”-to-move on the iPhone.

Instead of Pac-Man, it’s Romney, Obama, George W., Hilary and more eating gold coins for their parties coffers (hence the Fundraiser part in the title). With levels, gadgets and Facebook integration, this is a fun & timely update on one of our all-time faces. The game also comes with a nifty countdown clock to the elections and nationwide party totals on the home screen.

The free version of the game is available here, whereas the Pro version of Party Fundraiser is available for just 99 cents over here.

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