Gaming Table Round Talk: Diablo III, StarCraft II, Fall of Cybertron, CS:GO, Torchlight II

I was at a wedding dinner with my ex-colleagues when the discussion on the table turned to video games. First, a little bit of background. My ex-colleagues and I are around the same age, and back in the day we used to play (after office hours) a whole lot of Counter-Strike and other games in the office. Yup, all of us were, and it turns out to be, still are, a bunch of salty PC gamers.

The discussion during dinner was more like what games are we currently playing. A couple of my friends were still into Diablo III, and both of them are playing in Inferno mode. I asked whether the game was getting boring for either of them, one replied yes, another replied that the recently introduced Paragon levels were presenting a new challenge. I bet the two of them are going to team up after this to tackle Inferno.

Another friend of mine, now dealing with property, has been playing some Chinese strategy titles, set in the 3 Kingdoms era. He has been playing such games for as long as I know him, and probably the main reason why it didn’t really catch on with the rest of the office was simply due to the game being in Chinese (that and there are more fun games out there…like Counter-Strike or Red Alert 2/3).

One of my closer ex-colleague said that he was having a blast playing Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. I’ve got no reason to doubt him, the reviews for the game have been really positive and I’ve been meaning to check it out myself but been unable to do so due to several reasons which I’ll explain in a bit. He has also been clocking the hours on Blacklight Retribution, the MMO-FPS that is free-to-play (this is a major reason why he is playing the game) and available via Steam.

As for myself, I mentioned that I’ve been playing StarCraft II, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and a brand new addition to my Steam games library, Torchlight 2. It’s pretty good to hear that how a bunch of gamers are still playing games, having moved on to bigger, better jobs and despite being married

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