Bio Crisis (iOS) Game Review: Good Ole Top Down Shooting Action

I really like Sphinx Entertainment’s latest iOS title Bio Crisis. It’s a port of an action game of the same title released many years ago for mobile phones and the gameplay is a  throwback to the old top-down 2D Metal Gear game made popular on the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). In Bio Crisis, players go about the battlefield, taking advantage of cover afforded by objects such as barrels, crates, sandbags, etc while taking out enemies with a variety of weapons including an up-close-and-personal melee takedown.

Despite the plethora of weapons at your disposal, this beautifully rendered 2D shooter is no pushover. Even though it shares the same visual perspective with games such as Ikari Warriors, the cover factor makes for a slower, more deliberate pace with the enemy A.I being quite unforgiving. Players will need to sit tight in order to wait for a pause in enemy fire before returning in kind. It’s pretty nerve-wracking as at any point of time, a slight shift in the enemy unit’s position will allow it a vantage point, rendering the cover useless.

Players will be awarded with coins for killing enemy units. While coins can be used to purchase weapons and upgrades, the single most important use that I can find for coins would be to purchase first aid whenever the player character is near death. Like most apps these days, coins can be purchased via in-app purchase in order to gain a leg up playing the game.

For those of you who are out for a good ole old school shooter, you can’t go wrong with Bio Crisis. And like in the new Batman movie, newbies are in for a treat. rates Bio Crisis at a 4.5 out of 5. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. The game is available on the iTunes App Store for USD 2.99, check it out here:

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