This Week In Comics: The Amazing Spider-Man Movie Review, Ozymandias #1

I managed to catch The Amazing Spider-Man at the movies earlier this evening, and I must say, it’s first and foremost a love story, with a superhero element tacked on to it. This I feel, helped the movie distinguish itself and avoid being typecast as simply a rehash of the origin story we found in the original Sam Raimi directed Spider-Man movie (2002). For those who don’t realise it yet, The Amazing Spider-Man IS a reboot.

Emma Stone is simply awesome as Gwen Stacy, Peter Parker’s love interest while Andrew Garfield (who plays the titular hero) makes for a pretty good teenage superhero. The adversary this time is the Lizard and I like his portrayal in this movie, very powerful and more than a match for Spider-man. Do watch out for the Stan Lee cameo (always a delight to see him in any Marvel comic movie adaptation).

I would give the movie a four out of 5!

OK, back to comic books. This week’s highlight would be Before Watchmen: Ozymandias #1. Put against the backdrop of the final climatic moments of the original Watchmen graphic novel, issue #1 of Ozymandias explores his origins, his obsession with Egyptian pharaohs (he originally was obsessed with Alexander the Great first) and how he became such a martial-arts badass. Easily the best DC book out there on the stands this week.

On the Marvel front, Sabertooth is back in Wolverine #310! Before you go huh, isn’t that guy dead, let me tell you that the whole thing involves clones. Age of Apocalypse #5 explores an AOA version of Quentin Quire, sad to say, he doesn’t survived the issue. Avengers vs X-Men reaches issue 7 and Namor is out for war!

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