Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire Developers Issue “Call to Arms” on Indiegogo

Woah. Miniature wargaming with a host of Mechs? I’m pretty sold on the premise of Steel Crown Productions’ upcoming PC/Mac title Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire. Currently in development by Australian company Membrane Studios, the game will allow players to control and maneuver infantry and armor companies at the Brigade level, and this includes massive super vehicles such as the mighty Marcovian Behemoth.

The developers aim to port the experience playing the famous tabletop wargame of the same title and they need your help in order to complete the game. You can take this as a call-to-arms to all wargaming fans worldwide, so check out the press release below for more details:

Steel Crown Productions and Membraine Studios are issuing a “call to arms” to wargaming fans worldwide to help complete Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire for PC and Mac. Hosted on Indiegogo, the crowd funding campaign makes it easy for the gaming community to support the franchise’s first foray into computer games. To date, Membraine has invested $47,000 into the game, with 40 percent of the development work completed on the “minimum spec” build.

Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire is a 3D turn-based strategy game that captures the core gameplay of miniatures wargaming. It puts players at a Brigade level—allowing them to control and maneuver infantry, armor companies, and massive super-vehicles such as the mighty Marcovian Behemoth on the futuristic battlefields of the Exodus Wars universe. The game will also include an online mode for players who wish to challenge their friends or top strategists in the Exodus Wars community. Individual battles will contribute to the larger conflict, bringing tabletop dynamics to life on a massive scale.

“It’s incredibly hard to make a game that captures the essence of miniatures wargaming: what units to bring to a battle and the tactics that best serve an overarching strategy,” says Mark Sheppard, producer at Membraine Studios. “That’s where Indiegogo comes in. Crowd funding will allow us to make Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire into the computer game wargamers have always wanted to play.”

The studio’s previous game was 2009’s Orbital Defence for the iPhone, a retro shoot ‘em up with a unique “flick” control mechanic. You can view the video pitch, read about the game, and contribute to the campaign at https://www.indiegogo.com/EWFracturedEmpire

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