Browser-Based Frisbee Rush Turns Your SmartPhone Into A Video Game Controller

Not everyday you can use your iPhone or Android smartphone as a video games controller for a desktop game, but in the case of Frisbee Rush, you can! The game is a desktop browser-based game ala Time Crisis, but with monsters, and it turns your phone into a frisbee (courtesy of its companion app).

In the game, the city (hopefully not named Townsville, PPG fans would understand) is being invaded monsters, and you’ll need to flick frisbees at them to wipe them out. To play the game, download the app for either your iPhone or Android smartphone and head over to on your desktop browser.

Once there, sync your device by entering the connection code and let the frisbee flicking begin. The game supports multiplayer action of up to 3 players. This isn’t the first time though I’m seeing a game that uses iPhones and Android smartphones in this manner, there’s also a browser-based kayaking game that pits two players against each other.

In any case, download Frisbee Rush’s smartphone apps over here: iOS and Android.

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