GeoEmpires (iOS & Android): Board Game Meets Location-Based Gaming

By definition, GeoEmpires for iOS and Android devices isn’t exactly an augmented-reality game (due to the lack of 3D, I had to look up the definition when I was thinking of attaching the term to the game), but anyways, it seems to be a cool location-based game that merges Monopoly, a little bit of Risk and real-world maps in one package.

In this board game meets real-world maps mashup, you conquer real-world territories in your surroundings. Since this game is location-based, by moving in the real world you gain a virtual power – loyalty of the people. This may be later used for taking over lands from other lords or just by good-old mean raids.

There are chests of treasure spread around you location, so that you have something to do while your loyalty is low. Once you become a lord of some lands, the real fun begins – collect toll from local people and taxes from other players who have the guts to walk on your land. Also just like the territories on the map you may fight other players straight on the leader board within your area. Once you have put yourself on a few fields as a Lord you will be able to pimp your profile and work your way up the stats.

Pretty interesting right? GeoEmpires gives you a chance to be a (virtual) feudal lord, when feudalism is considered passe and is only practised by rural Malay leaders in Peninsula Malaysia (lol). Checkout the game, it’s available for free both on the iTunes App Store (here) and Google Play (here)

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  1. Matt S June 12, 2012

    Thanks for pointing this out to me. Looks pretty neat, and a great idea for a modern board game. I’m going to check it out 🙂