Sheep Up! (iPhone) Game Review: Highly Recommended

“What’s that whistling sound?” I can hear a colleague of mine exclaiming during our lunch break earlier today. I waited awhile before telling him it was coming from a game I was playing. In fact, the whistling in Bad Seed Entertainment’s Sheep Up! for the iPhone is so whimsical it reminded me of Babe, one of my favourite movies of all time.

In Sheep Up!, players take control of a bouncing toy sheep as they go through cardboard platforms in order for the cute toy sheep to reach the top of the shipping box he’s stored in. The cardboard platforms make for interesting levels, as they are fraught with interesting obstacles ranging from blank gaps, to musical pieces that need to be hit in sequence, to buttons and keys (and locks) that need to be hit to unlock the following levels.

The toy sheep’s movements are governed by tilting the iPhone and thankfully there’s a calibrate function. The game features really cool graphics as well. The graphics and the gameplay (not to mention the whistling) make Sheep Up! an amazing game and to add to that, the game is actually available free on the iTunes App Store!

Nine Over Ten 9/10 rates Sheep Up! at a 4.5 out of 5. Highly Recommended and be sure to check it out on the iTunes App Store:!/id519059164?mt=8. A review code was provided to Nine Over Ten 9/10 for the purpose of this review.

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  1. Bryan June 6, 2012

    Cool! I really love mind games. I’m sure I will be addicted to this again. Thanks for the review and for sharing!

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