SRRN Games Has Kickstarter For New PC/Mac Tower Defense Game: Always Outnumbered

SRRN Games, the guys who brought you the 16-bit-styled RPG titles, Ash and Ash II on iOS devices are onto something really cool, and this time, they would love to enlist your help in their latest venture, a Kickstarter-backed project titled Always Outnumbered. With Always Outnumbered, they plan to deliver a tower defense game which is both compelling narration wise and one that is truly competitive, featuring, in their words, cutthroat multiplayer right here on the PC and Mac.

With a unique upgrade system, dozens of towers and traps, and over a hundred units and special abilities, every aspect of Always Outnumbered has been crafted with an eye towards balanced and engaging multiplayer action. The game implements myGo tournament API which will allow players to host their own competitive events quickly and painlessly, and with scale to boot!

If you were to view their Kickstarter page (over here), you would notice that the budget is in the high side as they are aiming for USD 175,000 in funding. The good thing is that they’ve provided a good breakdown on how much is going to be spent on what and these guys are focused on providing good infrastructure for the backers of the project. So if you ponying up money for this, you can expect bug reports, feature requests, along with the expected goodies.

Part of the funding also goes to securing a booth at PAX Prime for their launch. I can think of no better way of doing that :). So join in, help pitch in to make SRRN Games’ dream of self-publishing Always Outnumbered on the Mac/PC (and hopefully other platforms as well) game. Their Kickstarter page can be found over here:

Also, be sure to check out their mini-game, Always Outnumbered: Survival, built specially to support SRRN’s Kickstarter campaign:

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