Hello Diablo III, Meet My Spouse

Diablo III. After 12 long years, the sequel to the games that my brother and I used to play as kids is finally out. Newly married, I can tell you that the effect this game has on marriages is immediate. My spouse who hasn’t heard of this gaming franchise before this came home yesterday only to ask “Is that Diablo III you are playing?

LOL. That question is just priceless. It’s hard for a non-hardcore PC gamer (she’s actually one of those hardcore casual gaming types, just take a look at her Luxor Evolved HD scores..I may be the reviewer, but she seriously owns the scores) to understand, but this is something that we’ve been afflicted with.

What manner of affliction? It’s a case of traditional, mixed with a serious dose of addiction and anticipation with all the expectations that come with it. It is a potent mix that drives us to binge-game through the night, and getting up early in the morning to continue the slaying of demons….and if that’s not enough we spend the rest of the day talking about D3 to like-minded friends.

There’s no fighting it. I guess, spouses/partners, would just have to let us be 🙂

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