Urgh..It’s Unique App, No Analogs in AppStore…Oh Really?

Lately I’ve been getting iOS game review requests which feature this line as part of the opening paragraph: “It’s unique app, no analogs in AppStore” or as an alternative “It’s unique game, no analogs in AppStore”. Besides being grammatically incorrect and sounding like a 21st century version of Ole English speak, I was surprised by the number of people using that sentence. All of them are from different companies!

In case you are wondering the sentence means “the app has no peer on the iTunes App Store”. I wonder how some of these folks go about promoting games; probably grabbing a common e-mail template somewhere before blasting their press releases to a whole bunch of publications. There is something in those e-mails featuring that sentence that puts me off and for the record, I’ve only replied to 2 out of the 30+ e-mails.

Can I suggest something? This actually sounds much better: “There’s nothing like this app/game/thingamajig on the iTunes App Store”.

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