Diablo III (Beta) First Impressions

I’ve been playing the beta for Diablo III, having won a code for it from a contest organized by The Star’s Techcentral (this is the second time I won something from the newspaper’s IT pullout, the first one was a copy of HALO: Reach). The game is awesome! My character of choice is a Demon Hunter and currently she’s at level 7, on a quest to retrieve the Skeleton King’s crown…and that was after she rescued that old fart Deckard Cain.

First impressions of the game: combat is still a click-fest as any a Diablo or Diablo II fan would remember, and the graphics are very nice to look at, like that of a watercolour painting. The dungeon crawling is back along with all the atmospheric music it entails. The creeps that I’ve encountered were actually tougher than I expected, and boy are they a grotesque bunch, especially the one that explodes into a bunch of corpse worms…

Despite the old-schoolness, the game has received a touch of modernity like in StarCraft II where it awards achievements and other things of note, like killing X number of creeps in a short span of time..you know the drill. The game runs fine at 1280 * 800 resolution on a Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro with 8 GB of RAM and the Nvidia 320M graphics card. I’m gonna ditch the Magic Mouse for something else though.

More impressions to follow as I slog through the beta, according to the progress meter I’m 20% through the whole shebang.

UPDATE: For final impressions of the beta, check out this new post (click here).

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  1. MattS April 4, 2012

    Great impressions there! Looking forward to seeing more updates from you.

    I have one big question about Diablo 3. The previous Diablo games really ruled the roost, but this is a genre that has become really saturated with some really good games.

    Do you think this has done enough to keep Diablo at the top?

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