ErnCon (Android) Goes Gold & Free, Goodies Abound On Launch

Android gamers out there, here’s some good news for ya. ErnCon, the top-down multiplayer shooter by indie game developers Woo Games has gone gold. The one-month open beta has been a resounding success, resulting in several gameplay and interface improvements, new content, and sturdier game servers — with nearly-invisible lag and improved stability.

To celebrate the launch of this free-to-play shooter, the developers are doing something that is rarely seen even in the massive expanse of Apple’s iTunes App Store or Google’s Android Market (or should I say…Google Play). Woo Games will be giving away $1 in ErnCoins, the game’s in-game currency, to those who download ErnCon in the next two weeks.

With the free in-game currency, players will be able to purchase premium content from the get go without spending actual money. Starting on April 4, new ErnCon players will get $0.50 in ErnCoins with every install. Players will also get 3 additional missions, 4 new weapons, 6 new “Elite” fighters and robots for expert players, among other things at launch.

For potential and current game developers, you might be interested to learn from the findings that came out of Woo Games’ open beta of ErnCon:

  • The initial mission lengths, 10 minutes, were too long for mobile play. They have been reduced to 4 minutes in the latest build; future mission lengths will be in the 3-5 minute range
  • UI animations are “pretty” only the first time you see them. Unnecessary UI animations have been removed to facilitate navigation through the Shop. Less is more!
  • Even though ErnCon is designed to appeal to hardcore players, open beta participants asked for more refined social gameplay. The final build makes it easier to message others, find and ally with friends, and meet new players

ErnCon is a free download. To install the game on your Android phone, visit or search for “ErnCon” on Google Play.

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