Interesting Find Of The Day: Dalton – The Awesome! (iOS, Android, Symbian)

I saw a friend of mine playing this really cool game on the Nokia N8, it’s one of those 2D platformers where you’ll need to keep on running. Called Dalton – The Awesome!, it has this really cool-looking stickman-with-colour pencils art style that caught my eye in the first place.

The game is available both for Android and the iPhone as well. Having seen the game on a Samsung Galaxy SII (demo-ed by the same friend), Android users are advised that the game may run like it’s on steroids, in other words, crazy fast. LOL. I haven’t checked out the game on the iPhone yet, have you?

If you have played the game, sound off on the comments section of the blog on whether it’s a keeper or not. The game is on the iTunes App Store for 99 cents (here), free (I think so) for Android phones and free on the Nokia Store (here).

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