User-Generated Content Game Memory Lanez (iOS) Released

KA9 Media, an independent mobile games developer, announced the release of its new title, Memory Lanez, for iOS devices, including the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Memory Lanez is an addictive memory game that blends classic game play elements to create an experience that entertains and stimulates the brain! Users Memorize the patterns as they fly down and then try to duplicate the pattern as quickly as possible. As the game progresses, the trail gets longer and faster, making it more challenging.

A key feature of Memory Lanez is the multi-player option and user generated content. Players can create their own boards and challenge a friend or another player over the network, and watch as their opponent tries to match their creation. There’s also a pass and play option for players to take turns using the same device.

“User generated content has always been a big thing for me to try to incorporate into mobile games,” said Joe Ariganello, founder of KA9 Media. “Social games are fun, but getting the player involved inside the game itself is where I see a big opportunity and chance for fun. Users can create a new game or new experience every time they play. The game never gets old.”

The free version, Memory Lanez Challenge 1.0, allows players to get as far as they can in 30 seconds, check it out here: The Pro version (, available for only $0.99 (USD), includes timed and unlimited levels, as well as the multiplayer options.

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