This Week In Comics: Batman and Robin, Wolverine and the X-Men

Looks like we’re back in full stride after the holiday season when it comes to comic book releases. One of this week’s standout has to be Batman and Robin #5. What this issue serves to show that even though Batman is generally fearless, he does fear being a sucky dad but being Batman simply prevents him for being one to a kid that has been indoctrinated with a whole lot of crazy stuff from his own mom. And now he’s up against an old mentor out to lure his son to the dark side.

Marvel too has a trump card up their sleeves, in the form of Wolverine and the X-Men #4. Just one week into the opening of the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, Professor (sic) Logan and gang assess the school’s progress and with Logan around, members of X-Force and those involved in the Dark Angel Saga (such as Apocalypse’s clone) make their appearance in some of the funniest, dramatic and poignant moments in the book.

Other releases include another freaky issue of Animal Man which is making me rethink on continuing to read the book, a generally excellent issue of Batwoman #5 and a tepid end to the current Green Lantern storyline (but certainly not the end of Hal Jordan’s woes) in Green Lantern #5. For those who follow the Ultimates universe, Ultimate Comics X-Men #6 springs a surprise as a certain baldy is still alive!

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