Some People Are Just….

The amount of strange press releases or requests for review that I get each week borders on the astounding and sometimes I don’t get why some developers/publishers/PR practitioners do what they do in their somewhat misguided attempt to get reviewers to check out their wares. Take a look at the description of a game that tries to pass off sounding like soft-core porn (I got this in the mail today):

<Title removed> is a casual game which is running on the Iphone Os-platform, which is another masterpiece of <developer removed> this year. In the game, there are many lust mosquitoes at beautiful girls’ home, they need help. The player’s task is to help these girls in the scene to eliminate mosquitoes, to win their heart.

If players can destroy the mosquitoes within the scene, do not let them to kiss these beautiful girls, they will get the corresponding reward, and if players hit special parts there will be vibrate effect! Players in image browsing mode can also see the beloved girl’s picture again.

Think that is bad enough, check out the game’s description on the App Store:

These beautiful girls need you, there are lecherous mosquitoes in their home. This good performance but a good time to show your talents, do not let the beauty disappointed, winning their hearts and minds. You just destroy the mosquitoes in the scene, do not let them kiss the beautiful girls.

As long as you are powerful enough, beautiful girls will give you an award, and hit the special effects department there will vibrate. Image browsing mode can also see the beloved girl’s picture again.

This game is not only easy to use, and yet challenging. Want to become the number one of the world, requiring more than agility and skill, but more stamina. The mosquitoes are not so easy to fail.They will communicate with each other, end of the attack groups. Prepared to storm it a finger!

Storm it a finger? I don’t know, more like give it the finger…as if there isn’t enough smut in this world already.

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