GAMINSIDE Introduces Modular Loyalty Program Solutions For Online Games

I’ve been involved in building customer relationship management software for the timeshare (the holiday kind of timeshare, not the computing kind) industry, and one of the key components for any client would be a loyalty program. So imagine my surprise when I found a press release in my inbox concerning GAMINSIDE.

Founded by Thomas Aigner and Leonhard Brunnhofer, GAMINSIDE has developed a now available white label system which allows flexible custom solutions for loyalty programs in online games. One of the first games providers set to use GAMINSIDE’s new system is Berlin-based publisher Frogster. All I can about that is “Why didn’t anyone think about that in the first place?”

The modular system is tailored to meet publisher needs and offers everything from purely technical solutions such as cross-game CRM, ‘Loyalty Wallet’ or stores to services such as sourcing of specials for customers or the production of loyalty cards and branded credit cards. GAMINSIDE offers their customers turnkey solutions, taking over the complete process chain from strategic consulting through design, balancing and management to implementation of special needs.

“Loyalty and status programs are extremely popular in the travel and traditional retail sectors. But very few games providers have given the subject any serious professional consideration until now,” explains GAMINSIDE CEO Thomas Aigner. “With acquisition costs for publishers on the increase, however, it is becoming more and more important to keep existing users happy beyond the pure game content, as well. Here a well-planned concept can not only provide a significant competitive advantage, but also generate more profit through targeted customer activation and increased customer loyalty.”

Berlin-based publisher Frogster, operators of amongst others the online role-playing game ‘Runes of Magic’, is one of the first games providers to integrate the new GAMINSIDE system into their offer.

“The acquisition of new customers is just one of the building blocks to success in the highly competitive Online Games market for MMO providers such as Frogster. With scopes of several million players, retention policies are also very important,” says Frogster Online Gaming GmbH Chief Marketing Officer Daniel Ullrich. “In this context, GAMINSIDE’s outstanding loyalty and customer retention program represents a new white-label solution able to make a sustainable positive impact on key performance indicators.”

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