Take Your Dog Out For A Pee in New Dog Park: Top Dog (iPhone) Game

My dog Peanut is one heck of a dog. I’m beginning to suspect that she’s not a typical mongrel, but more of a mix breed with a healthy dose of terrier in her. She’s super active and taking out for walks isn’t a thing for the faint hearted as she’ll literally drag you down the street if you refuse to run with her. Having said that, Betel Nut Games’ latest title for the iPhone, Dog Park: Top Dog, is something that I can really relate to. Dog walking is a challenge that warrants its very own video game.

Dog Park is a light-hearted but challenging arcade strategy game where the player controls a dog who is looking to claim the most territory in a park by peeing on various objects. The dog that claims the most territory before the timer runs out wins! Become top dog of the city and get the other breeds you meet to join your dog pack by conquering all four neighborhoods in the city, spread across 12 dog parks.

The more neighborhoods you can claim, the more dogs that will join your pack, each with their own playing style and attributes. Earn high scores and in-game currency by playing with the more difficult to master breeds. In-game currency can be spent at the Dog Shop where you can buy upgrades to use in the game that alter your dog’s canine skills.

Purchase ear muffs to protect yourself against barks, grab a water bottle so you won’t get dehydrated, or munch on some asparagus to really mark your territory! If that’s not enough the player can also compete in 28 unique bonus maps with plans for more to be added over time. Dog Park: Top Dog 1.0 is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store for an initial sales price of $0.99 (USD). Check it out over here: https://itunes.apple.com/app/dog-park-top-dog/id481105799

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